Battle for Candyland

Candy Fair Photo Contest

Daeberethwen Arbenlow and Nephryel Resident
Submission #: 1
Stores/items Featured:


(*Angelica) Soda Eyes #Coke
.Olive. the Candy Floss Hair // Streaks
#adored – cutie donut ears – sprinkles – blue #2
[Decoy] Sugar Crush Armory – Mallow Hammer Blueberry


[The Forge] Bass Head, Red
+Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream – Rainbow
[Decoy] Sugar Crush Armory – Swirly Bow Strawberry *RARE*
[The Forge] Icecream Splat
Ninety- Purpple Cherry Sungglasses Mesh ❤
[ MUDSKIN ]_Juicy Bell ~ Soda Flavor_E1_Pale


Candy trees set 2. BananaN
Ice cream table/stands purple BananaN
//lunaBeam// Candydot Candy Lane Roads


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